Tinker box

Tinker box

This is the ultimate tinker box for all ages.

Post pom poms and sticks or pull out ribbon to see how long it is, match the animals and colours too. Not only is the contents of the box amazing, the box is an activity in its self.

We have a collection of wooden peices, cardboard rolls, paper plates and pipe cleaners to make and create into whatever your heart desires. 

You can make a kalidascope and look at the rainbow inside, decorate super amazing shrink paper and turn into keyrings.

Do some painting with the paint using a bunch of tips or brush. Make a unicorn mask. Create binoculars...

Seriously this list just goes on and on... Loose parts play eat your heart out!! 

Did I mention it has a rainbow crayon!! 

This box has been created to encourage creativity, enhance imaginations and help dexterity with fine motor activities.

This box has no rules, but we do include instructions just incase..

Hope you enjoy!!








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