Endless hours of fun with this at home kit.

Explore your senses and get creative with one of the many activities.

Practise pouring with the coloured rice, using the scoop to transfer from one cup to another. Great for co-ordination, spacial awareness, focus and concentration.

Pour the water beads into the box and squoosh your feet on them, feel them between your toes or pick up handfuls and roll them around in your hands, they feel amazing.

Cold and springy.

You could make an icecream using the cone... dont eat them though, its not really ice cream. lol

 Now the playdough, open up the coloured balls to reveil your surprise!!!

Roll a ball and make a playdough man, add eyes and feathers for hair. Use pop sticks for legs and matchsticks for arms.

Place the pop sticks on the top to make a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to a friend.

Thread the pasta on the pipe cleaner to make a braclet or necklace.

Create a pattern or do some colour sorting or use the paste as counting markers to practise some simple maths.

You can even make a magical potion using all the activities. Let your child run wild with their imagination, layering, mixing, sprinkling... Just let go and let them explore. 

These activities can be used again and again. The water beads are wet, so remember to separate them from the rice or pasta at the end of play. Store the playdough in the fridge for up to 6wks. 

Enjoy and have fun!!


Mini Messy Play Kit