Creative Kids SLOTH Case by Learn to the Beat. The best value case with over 9 different art & craft activities:


-How to make a sloth friend.

-Create your own rocket wand.

-How to make an aeroplane glider.

-Create your own animal bookmark.

-Create your own llama dream catcher.

-Create a fish.

-Make a robot mask.

-Decorate your own photo frame.

-Make your own sailing boat.


Each case includes our "Tools of the Trade Pack" to assist you with your creations:


-20 Pack of connector pens.

-12 Pack of colour pencils.

-8 Pack of crayons.

-2 Lead pencils.

-1 Lead pacer.

-2 Candy highlighters.

-1 Rainbow crayon.

-1 Scissors

-1 Glitter glue.

-1 Rubber.

-1 Sharpener.

-1 Purple glue stick.

-1 Sticker eyes.

-1 Coloured origami paper pad.

-1 Sticky tape with dispenser.

-4 Coloured polymer baking clay.

-1 Sketch pad


Each activity comes with step by step instructions.


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If you havn't already you can obtain your Creative Kids Voucher from:

Creative Kids SLOTH Case