Mini messy play party and games package

made easy.

1 mat, 4 activities. All fun, no clean- up.

All ages. 1hr


Add any theme you like, we can cater craft and activities to it.

Next tell us how messy you want to get.

Choose from our list of our messy play party activities upon application.

Some examples are slime, jelli, coloured rice, paint, water, foam.... 

Book your date and time.

Receive a confirmation call to fine tune the party details.

On the day, I will come to your house early, set up and get some fun music pumping.

Party will take 20mins to set up and 10 mins to pack away.

Then the FUN begins.


 When the children arrive at the party they are encouraged to participate in all the activities, tables and easels will be set up, aprons ready. 


This is a great way to ease each child in as they can move at their own pace. 

After 30mins the children are cleaned up and mess minimised ready for some dancing and games. 

Then we bring out our famous bubble machine.

  It is AMAZING. It streams out thousands of bubbles and the kids love it. We dance to great tunes then get into the games. Prizes are not included, to be honest not even needed but are available at an extra fee. :) 

After all the fun, I gather the children around for the cake. Stay and sing, blowing bubbles in the air, creating the perfect photo opportunity. 

Then I am done. I finish cleaning and say good-bye. 



If you require a drop mat the dimensions are 3x3 metre. Messy play activities are also great on grass, no minimum space required.

Locations suited to messy play parties are balconies, backyards, halls, parks, garages... ect

All parties are provided with aprons, towels to tidy up and wipes to clean up at the end.

Music playlist and stereo as well as amazing bubble machine are also included in this package.

The perfect, party. 1hr of complete entertainment for all that come along. and the best part, NO CLEAN UP. :)


 50% deposit on application to secure your date.

Parties are organised for a MAX of 15 children to guarantee a smooth day.


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