Messy Mornings

All kids love making a mess. They love it, they absolutely do. Glitter on the floor as they sprinkle it everywhere but the paper, paint drips on the table as they swipe the brush side to side, not yet learning to wipe the excess off the brush.

Playdough squashed into the carpet even though they 'promised they would be careful' 


Sound familiar?!?!

Yep, happens everywhere, every home, every day. Makes me nervous the thought of 'I'm just going to do some painting"...

So I decided that I would take on all that mess, the drips, the splashes, the skin crawling moments and provide an environment where they can feel free to explore the things that you prefer they didn't do at home.

Every Wednesday and Friday you can bring along your kids to get messy.

3 sessions available 930, 10am and 10.30am. But if you are running late or even early come on in and start your hour when you are ready. All classes will have a rotation of goop, slime, coloured rice, water play, bubbles, foam, collage, paint and more. All ages welcome as all activities are versatile. 

Oh yeah, forgot to mention there is an amazing coffee shop right next door!!

                                                                                                                                                       Since 2017