About us

Hiya, my name is Tanya, I am a mum to 2 beautiful children and partner to John.

I have a background of childcare and was in the industry for 15yrs before we started our family.

I was a fairy in my teens hosting birthday parties and started classes back when I was 27, yet life got in the way and I was unable to continue. It wasn't until we had children that my partner suggested that I do them again and luckily it has given me the flexibility to do what I want and be at home with the children.  

The kids, my partner and myself are what makes the classes. We create, play and clean together. Definitely a family run business. 

Learn to the Beat, was originally just a music and movement class.


 It was through these classes that I learnt that children were wanting to do more craft and make more mess. I spoke to many parents that told me that while living in apartments it was simply impossible to do. The clean up was too much.

This is how Messy Play was born. 

We hope to provide a space that children feel free to explore, free to mix, spill and fill.

We want children to have fun, get creative and make new friends.



Entertaining kids Since 2017