Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
-Michael Jordan

Play is important to healthy brain development.
It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them.

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What's new?

Northern Beaches Bush Fire Benefit

February 29 2020

In recent weeks Australia has unfortunately had some of the worst conditions resulting in devestating bush fires. We are honoured to team up with other local businesses to help raise funds for the families in need.

Coming soon

April 12th

Something new is coming... I actually cant wait... We are going mobile. Stay tuned for the most exciting thing EVA!! 

Messy Play

29th and 31st January 2020

This week we are going to explore lines and prints in flour. Last week during clean up there was flour left all over the floor, Lily, John and myself started to play, we drew shapes with our feet and and decorated them. It gave me an idea, a really messy idea. Lets sprinkle the floor and watch the kids play. Yep its going to get messy, but hey, that's what its all about. Wish us luck!

Messy Play is celebrating 1 year this month.

January 11, 2020

We would love to say a massive thank you to all the amazing families that have supported us this year. We had truly met the definition of messy play and have enjoyed every moment. (Well not the cleanup, lets be honest :/ )

 We have found satisfaction in watching children explore their senses and feel free to mix things up. We have watched children go from dry couloured rice to slime, parents enjoying watching the transition. 

So in saying that we would like to give back, we are running competitions all month to say thank you. We have already given out free classes and a bubble machine. Please come along to one of our classes and try your luck.  Again thank you!!


Play is our brain's favourite way of learning- Diane Ackerman



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